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    About our weather course

    Introduction to Climate is a highly informative one-day course that provides an overview of the drivers of climate. Course content is relevant to government and private organisations, as well as individuals who use climate information to manage risk and make critical decisions. The course is also relevant to anyone with an interest in the climate and climate services.

    What will I learn?

    • What are the main factors that influence Australia‚Äôs climate.
    • Where I can access climate data and how it can be interpreted.
    • What climate services are available, including outlooks and summaries, to support decision making.
    • What is the evidence that supports climate change.
    • What climate change information is available to support decision making.

    Read our course overview for more information.

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    How do I shape the course for my interests?

    After enrolling in your preferred course you can indicate your profession and interests on the pre-course survey. We'll cover the most relevant examples to your geographical location and professional interests.

    Who do I contact?

    Contact the Course Manager via email:

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